Air conditioning rental in Dubai

Portable AC Hire Rental Mobile Air Conditioners in dubai are contained HVAC Cooling Units that offer chilly atmosphere through flexible air outlets on the unit. It’s possible for you to roll these streamlined units right into the space you need to cool, they’re also called “Area Coolers” since they supply cooling to the space that […]

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Army Tents

Emergency Tent stock in dubai

We Stock large quantity of high quality Emergency army tent in Dubai. our tents are made from 100% cotton fabric with high quality steel frame Size 4×4 meters call us for more information

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Outdoor Heaters

Mushroom Patio Heater rental

Outdoor Heaters Outdoor heaters are a useful addition to your patio to keep your guests warm and comfortable. Traditional patio heaters such as a Mushroom Patio Heaters can demand a lot of attention. An outdoor gas heater emits smoke that may be disturbing and annoying. Also, patio heaters need to be constantly checked over a […]

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Portable air conditioner: New trendsetter

Portable Air conditioner Dubai

Portable air conditioner: New trendsetter. Portable air conditioners come in with the right features which make it fit into our world, without draining our pocket empty. It is necessary to choose the right product which looks after your happiness and comfort; such is the portable air conditioner. It gives you every reason to pick this […]

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port a cool Mobile Evaporative Air Cooler Dubai UAE


Port-A-Cool® 48 inch Product Review High-performance One-speed Cools 325 m Heavy duty 1/2 horsepower motor Almost maintenance-free operation Flexible capabilities for ducting Shipped completely assembled and ready to operate, right out of the box Runs for cents a day, a fraction of air conditioning Environmental friendly with efficient / effective resource use Unit & water […]

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Misting Fogging Systems Dubai UAE


  Patios – Charters- Outdoor areas – Landscaping  Both public spaces and private homes, our Drip & Fresh systems in addition to lowering the ambient temperature, relative humidity increases and provide an excellent feeling and comfort. It is also common to see the contribution of both decoration fog green spaces and beautiful corners to highlight […]

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Industrial Evaporative Coolers & Cooling

Warehouse cooling

Our fixed Industrial evaporative air coolers range (with duct) Industrial evaporative air coolers We offer evaporative world leaders in the field of natural air conditioning. The evaporative cooling reproduce the effect of the sea breeze, boosting the natural fresh air inside the enclosure. The supply air temperature is between 4 ° C and 12 ° […]

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Terrace Cooling patio Cooling Dubai UAE

Misting Fans

Enjoy  your terrace Outside cooling & heating   solutions HEAT IN WINTER   HALOGEN INFRARED With the halogen infrared range, it is no longer necessary to load and replace the heavy gas bottles. Halogens are perfectly integrated into the terraces thanks to its flexibility, no space and do not hinder the placement of tables and chairs. […]

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Domestic Air Conditioning Split AC Dubai UAE

Floor standing Air conditioner

Domestic Air Conditioning Split AC Wall Split Air Conditioning, heat pump with Inverter technology, lower power consumption. Air conditioning with attractive modern design and suitable for any stay. SEE + Domestic Air Conditioning Floor Console Air Conditioner Floor Console, heat pump with Inverter technology, lower power consumption. Ground units are designed to integrate easily with […]

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