Selecting evaporative outdoor cooling solution

What to consider when you need an outdoor cooling system? 

Do you need a comfortable solution to keep your Dubai’s villa patio cool during peak summer season in the United Arab Emirates? This may appear a frustrating task for most of the buyers because the market is loaded with several brands and designs of cooling systems; hence, selection of the best product is not so easy.

Look for “outdoor” cooling suppliers

It is good to consider outdoor cooling professional recommendations while investing on a new cooling system. At We mostly go for evaporative cooling methods for completely open areas, We offer free consultations and help selecting the right evaporative cooling solution.It is mainly one or combination of these techniques:

Water Mist Dubai

High pressure misting

  • Fixed
  • Maintenance [2/year]
  • Wet degree [8/10]

Mist Fan

Portable misting fans

  • Portable /mobile
  • Maintenance [2/year]
  • Wet degree [8/10]
Portable outdoor evaporative air cooler

Portable evaporative coolers

  • Portable /mobile
  • Maintenance [1/year]
  • Wet degree [5/10]


Regarding the misting solutions, Usually they are used for specific purposes. Please check our misting & fogging page for more info.

Evaporative outdoor Coolers on the other hand are considered to be most cost-effective, healthy and environmentally friendly systems when compared to the traditional air conditioning mechanism. However, before making the final investment, you must go through few essential details about evaporative outdoor coolers (or call us for help).  

Here are few common considerations that will help you to know whether buying an evaporative air cooling system is a good idea for you or not: 

  • Think about the climate of the area where you live: 

If you live in an area where relative humidity levels stay below 60% even during the peak summer season, then evaporative cooling systems are the best choice for you. The fact is that these outdoor air coolers cannot work efficiently in environments where air stays heavily saturated due to increased moisture content. They are more suitable for semi-outdoor and outdoor environments such as garages, festival gatherings, and sports events etc.  

  • Compare it with traditional air cooling system? 

When Evaporative cooling systems are compared with the traditional ACs; they appear good due to several comparative factors. The very first and most essential thing to note is that they are available with low price tag and at the same time they can cut the cost of energy after installation due to their energy efficient design. These coolers are available in a variety of sizes, capacities, and design options and they can start working at your home with minor setup procedure.  

  • They ensure effective space management: 

In order to avail best services from the latest design of the evaporative outdoor coolers, it is good to choose a unit that is small in size so that it can fit perfectly in your tiny apartment. Also, the small evaporative cooling mechanism works like an energy saving agent while cutting the overall cost of the electricity bills. So, prefer to pick your cooler after considering the space requirements.  

  • Do you have to invest on maintenance in future? 

While buying a new evaporative outdoor air cooler, it is really important to collect few details about its general maintenance requirements. Generally, owners are required to care about their basic cleaning needs and proper storage arrangements but if your system demands professional treatment then it may harm your budget. Choose a system that can be maintained easily with DIY procedures.  

  • From where you should buy? 

This is the most important consideration for buying a new outdoor cooling system. You can find deals in your local market as well as over online stores. In case if you are not interested to make a huge investment to buy them, it is also possible to rent them for the summer season by paying limited rental charges. It may help you to save money without even compromising for summer heat.  

Portable outdoor air coolers

Rental / sale

12000 outdoor cooler

Fixed industrial evaporative air coolers

30000 ducted industrial evaporative air cooler -cooling UAE