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Portable Air conditioner Dubai
Portable Air conditioner

Rental Mobile Air Conditioners in dubai are contained HVAC Cooling Units that offer chilly atmosphere through flexible air outlets on the unit. It’s possible for you to roll these streamlined units right into the space you need to cool, they’re also called “Area Coolers” since they supply cooling to the space that was immediate. They are an ideal option for spot cooling applications and come in cooling system capacity sizes from 1 to 20 ton cooling capacities. Usually about 200 square feet of area can cool depending on load conditions and present ambient. Perfect temporary rental cooling options for small to large special events, temporary crisis cooling system, movie studios, retail and film uses. Electricity choices comprise 208/230 volt single and 3 phase choices to and 220 volt adapt electricity at most all places. These temporary mobile AC units readily setup for virtually any crisis or occasion in under a day and may be delivered. we may also give a power generator for your places if electricity isn’t accessible. we can organize everything to supply mobile cooling system for virtually any space to 2000 square feet and beyond from as little as 100 square feet.

Little 1 Short Ton Portable Ac Rental
1 short ton Little portable AC unit
1 Short Ton Little Mobile AC units could be easily plugged into your standard residential receptacle. They come with 25 feet of condenser atmosphere a 6 foot power cord and also flexible duct work. These 2 short ton mobile AC leases are best used for temporary residential cooling system, little class rooms and office spaces. When you want quick relief from the heat for a little space these are your most suitable choice.

Moderate Sized AC Mobile Leases
Portable Ac Rental
moderate sized AC mobile units are utilized in less than 1000 and spaces bigger than 600 square feet. They may be utilized in offices, little picture sets, residential, special occasions, school rooms little tents and where you might need cooling alleviation fast and conveniently. Phone us today and we’ll determine how get you cooled down ASAP.

Big AC Mobile Leases
These mobile unit that is bigger are the “workhorse” of mobile AC units. One or more of these units can offer cooling to your space that is HOT as soon as several hours after phoning us, phone today! Sales is our engineering staff can help discover ways to get you up and determine the most effective gear meet your own states and cooling ASAP.

230V, 1/3 period, 60 Hz facility electricity. is required by the electrical power connection