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Patios – Charters- Outdoor areas – Landscaping 

Both public spaces and private homes, our Drip & Fresh systems in addition to lowering the ambient temperature, relative humidity increases and provide an excellent feeling and comfort.

It is also common to see the contribution of both decoration fog green spaces and beautiful corners to highlight and create a mysterious and magical atmosphere.


Terraces and restaurants 

The best known of spray application systems is to lower the temperature in terraces and outdoor restaurants. It is an efficient and economical system of air-conditioning these spaces to gain user comfort.

The spray cooling method is to dissolve the water in the air, removing the latent heat (hidden) that is the energy released when switching from liquid to gaseous phase (vaporization temperature)

An installation on a terrace or restaurant has to provide enough moisture for volume thereby cooling the area and yet can not dip beneath customer over coffee.

The balance between the supplied water and temperature lowering intended is what will determine how efficiently a facility.


Dust suppression – removing odors

For removing dust and odors using our system Drip & Fresh is very effective.

In the case of powder, it deeply permeates the particles of powder with water thereby achieving increase its weight and therefore its precipitation. This is accomplished by releasing the jet nozzles directly onto the dust source point and if necessary creating dust curtains to preserve certain areas.

In the case of smells, through high-pressure Mist Fogging we got precipitate the bacteria that cause them, so we get a healthier and cleaner environment. Through a curtain of fog, we can get a clean area smells. However, in certain cases, the contribution of neutralizing agents can significantly increase the effectiveness of the system.


Outdoor activities – Sports

One way to monetize sports facilities is to equip them with spray.

Few people use the fields in the central hours of the day when the heat. With misting is achieved lower the temperature up to 11º C.

A warmer and less humidity, more efficient system.



The wineries, plus a natural room ventilation, require constant moisture and temperature. Not all wineries throughout the year come to have a right level of moisture. The relative humidity in storage must be between 75% and 85%. With less than 75% there is a risk of drying and evaporation of wine barrels, while more than 85% moisture and fungi can develop evident in general.

The advantages in economic terms it provides a good level of moisture in a warehouse are:

  • Loss reduction by natural evaporation of wine. It is estimated that losses can become greater than 6% of the volume stored in barrels.
  • Consequently, labor tanks filling is also reduced.
  • Avoiding higher quality wine increased the alcohol content by evaporation of water.



Several utilities our misting systems in the industry. Notably, lower the temperature in working areas for employee comfort and eliminate static electricity.

Any work with synthetic fibers entails high production of static electricity. This can cause many problems of electrostatic adhesion as well as fiber breakage and hence production failures. The installation of a “Drip & Fresh” offers better handling of the product and increased production efficiency.

The relative humidity required for preparation work depends on the type of fiber to handle but between 50 and 75%. However, there are tables with these values



With mist, in a closed environment, you can control both temperature and relative humidity.

Both private greenhouses where plants grew up a family or those for agriculture or forestry, the right misting system achieves greater productivity for a minimum energy cost.

In summer, initially, the system will provide freshness while moisture is readily absorbed from the atmosphere, but once the air begins to saturate, begin to raise the humidity level. If air is not exchanged, they can reach levels of humidity up to 95%.


Animal farms 

It is known that all animals are better and are more productive in a pleasant atmosphere.

Misting system and mist fans also removes dust and reduce odors from the farm; the animals reduced their blood pressure caused by excess heat and increases productivity.

By installing our misting system Drip & Fresh, a check immediately to significantly decrease the mortality rate.
Furthermore, it is proven that a fresh atmosphere contributes positively to sexual activity, increasing the production of sperm and providing benefits across the reproductive cycle.


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