Industrial Evaporative Coolers & Cooling

Warehouse cooling

Warehouse cooling

Our fixed Industrial evaporative air coolers range (with duct)

18000 m3/h

18000 fixed industrial evaporative air cooler -cooling UAE

Details ...

18000 m3/h
230vac ,3ph
1100 w
75 kg
1100x1100x950 mm
30 L
20 L/h
Variable speed

20000 m3/h

20000 outdoor industrial cooler fixed -cooling UAE

Details ...

20000 m3/h
230vac ,3ph
1500 w
85 kg
1170x1170x1175 mm
40 L
27 L/h
Variable speed

30000 m3/h

30000 ducted industrial evaporative air cooler -cooling UAE

Details ...

30000 m3/h
230vac ,3ph
3000 w
120 kg
1350x1350x1325 mm
55 L
37 L/h
Variable speed

Industrial evaporative air coolers

We offer evaporative world leaders in the field of natural air conditioning. The evaporative cooling reproduce the effect of the sea breeze, boosting the natural fresh air inside the enclosure. The supply air temperature is between 4 ° C and 12 ° C less than the outside air, hovering close to the 24 ° C under the conditions of the day. Cools the air by passing the air through filters soaked in water. The resulting air is cool, and moist air is pushed hard inside.

Evaporative have systems and automation that minimize maintenance and streamline the system to suit each application

Evaporative not need to install the entire surface. For example, if we are making the air conditioning to reduce stress and improve the thermal comfort of personnel, study the distribution of jobs on the ship.

This criterion we define it as timely preparation.



Temperature reduction in warehouses by evaporative systems.

How evaporative work?

By evaporative cooling, it involves cooling air temperature using water therefor. The Biocool evaporative air collected by a fan outside and inside impel making previously passed through a wet filter.

The air cools on contact with moist filter due to water evaporation, thus reproducing the sea breeze.

Advantages of our solution by evaporative.

  • Natural ventilation with fresh air.
  • In Dubai Temperatures reduction of up to 11 ° C.
  • Move fumes and odors.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Increase in the welfare of the working conditions.
  • Reduce static electricity.
  • Minimum operating costs.

What options offered by the market climate?

Ventilation Evaporative Cooling Air Conditioning
Advantage Low-cost investment.
Low operating cost.
It allows local open.
Minimum investment value.
It allows local open.
Low operating cost.
Indoor air filtering.
Constant humidity level.
Full control Tº
Disadvantages No reduced temperature (T ° outside limit) Required temperature outside temperature function
(T ° approx. Drive = 24 ° C).
High-cost investment.
High operating cost.
It requires closed doors.

Most benefited sectors:

  • Plastic injection
  • Textiles
  • Graphic
  • Chemicals
  • Metallurgical
  • Any company that generates or suffer high temperatures.

Reduce heat and purify the air by evaporative systems

The Fabric products, paints and varnishes, food and soft drinks supported storage during high summer temperatures that threaten their quality before reaching the final customer.

Proper treatment of conditions of storage systems that represent a low cost of operation as evaporative systems can get the product to maintain the conditions under which they entered the ship.

Keep quality through evaporative systems:

  • Pharmaceutical products.
  • Food.
  • Beverages.
  • Paints and varnishes.


Evaporative Cooling

As the manager or owner of business – be it industrial, retail, or another kind of service – one of your big concerns is the safety and comfort of everybody who works and visits your store or office. You may not be technically-minded – all you know is that heating and air must work in the rooms and offices as designated, and if you job where refrigeration of food or other perishables is needed, the cooling systems definitely work well at all times. When a commercial HVAC provides advises something like evaporative cooling to support your business, you might draw a blank. Anyway, evaporative cooling is a process that could prove helpful to your firm.

What is Evaporative Cooling?

This idea of cooling is rather self-explanatory. Water evaporation is utilized to decrease temperature through the use of moistened pads or cloths – air from the outside of a building is pulled via these water-soaked points with fans,  thereby permitting the water to evaporate and bring chilly air into the place where the coolant is required. This idea of cooling was famous during the early part of the 20th century in the Southwestern, USA, where hot air is unusually dry.

Evaporate cooling different from standard air conditioning in that it uses air from the outer to circulate throughout a designed area. Air conditioning, by contrast, uses the existing internal air and re-launches it at a different temperature. If you are worried about what happens to the water that is not entirely evaporated, you will learn that it is located back into the moisture pads through sump pumps.

Advantages of Evaporative Cooling

How can this idea of cooling help your business? For one, this is a highly power-efficient way of cooling your store or office. Evaporative units do not use nearly as much power as a standard air conditioning system, permitting you to save on utility bills. Depending on the commercial HVAC service working for you, it may cost less to maintain and install as well. I advised you to hire in Dubai. We definitely solve your all cooling solutions at affordable rates. For more detail call us now.

The evaporative ideas also work to keep the air slightly more clammy than a conventional cooling system.  If you find this a more relax environment, this kind of cooling system is well worth investigating. If you run an office of business in Dubai, the evaporative cooling system works well for you. It is an eco-friendly method of keeping customer cool and workers also.


Industrial Evaporative Cooling
By evaporative air conditioning systems is today one of the most innovative and efficient in the field of air conditioning for industry and workplace solutions.

What effect does the heat on productivity?

Workshop Cooling Dubai

With evaporative systems, what other benefits get for production?

  • Minimum consumption, maximum efficiency
  • without closing doors and windows
  • not recirculated air
  • up to 200m 2 per unit
  • It consumes energy 1/10
    a conventional air conditioning
  • control indoor humidity
  • Easy installation and maintenance

What legislation governs comfort conditions at work?

Current law is framed in Dubai and UAE indicating the conditions for workers in confined areas. The local temperature where light work is performed should be between 14º and 25ºC and 27ºC until when they are sedentary, moisture will be between 30 and 70% RH and speed it depends on the activity and may exceed 0.75 m / sec. To avoid thermal stress.

Both respective and responsible companies should monitor compliance with these regulations that directly affect the profit of the enterprise.



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