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With the halogen infrared range, it is no longer necessary to load and replace the heavy gas bottles.

Halogens are perfectly integrated into the terraces thanks to its flexibility, no space and do not hinder the placement of tables and chairs.

Its infrared rays have a similar effect sunlight, allowing you to enjoy a mild heat that your customers will appreciate.

The heat only when and where necessary

It also is a clean heat (can also be used indoors without any risk), immediately and without preheating, so just turn customers when and if necessary.

Cool in summer

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Misting Fan



We offer a world of creative solutions with water spray

Our misting systems are projecting fine water droplets in the air and creating a pleasant and cool microclimate.

With water atomiser, systems could ensure the comfort of its customers differentiating and profitable the facilities even during the hottest hours of the day


  • Reduces room temperature to 11 ° C in an entirely natural way.
  • Increases the comfort of the facilities.
  • Cools the air and cleanse the air of impurities.
  • Auyenta mosquitoes.
  • No wet.

Hotels, restaurants, pubs, discos, chill out …

Mobile Air Cooler Dubai

Mobile Evaporative Cooler


portable evaporative coolers can cool large open spaces, Streaming cold fresh air several meters away.With our portable water-air coolers you can simulate natural sea breeze on your terrace, outdoor patio achieving excellent comfort with maximum energy efficiency.

In Dubai summer weather it can Reduce the temperature up to 10 ° C with the same consumption of a fan

For more information check hydrocool


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