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Evaporative outdoor air coolers

When looking to keep the home chill in summer many people look toward the portable outdoor air coolers to achieve this, there are many advantages from using an air cooler compared to an air conditioner.

One advantage is the electricity these units in fact use when operating; this can be much lower usage matched to the portable air conditioner. This means affordable electric bills which everyone is looking for these days, with the cost of homes raising everyone is searching for the most economical way to cool and heat their properties.

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7000 m3/h

7000 outdoor air cooler -cooling UAE

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12000 m3/h

12000 outdoor cooler -cooling UAE

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16000 m3/h

16000 outdoor industrial air cooler -cooling UAE

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23000 m3/h

23000 industrial outdoor cooler -cooling UAE

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Another thing to realize about the outdoor evaporative air cooler is that it will only chill an individual place of the room, they are not designed to cool the full area as air conditioners are. The benefit for the Outdoor coolers as you can situate it close to a person to get the highest cooling, there is no point chilling the full room down when it is you that needs keeping cold.

A lot of individuals these days are worried about the damage to the environment these sorts of machines cause, well the air cooler causes no damage as it does not use gas or any other kind of chemicals in the cooling process. In fact, it uses chill, wet pads inside the machine which warm air is drawn over and the blown out as cold air; this is a natural process but very perfect when used in dry low humidity areas.

Another aspect of the portable air coolers is that they use evaporation to chill the air, this system uses far less power than other air conditioning units. These coolers are also famous to remove musty smells, dust, and pet dander from the room they are working in, this making your house much more eco-friendly to live for all the family.

A big concern for most people is the real cost of these units; they think they require a big amount of money to buy. This is not the case with the portable outdoor air cooler as they are extremely reasonably priced and the finance you will keep on your power bills after a few months of use will almost cover the unit cost. If you want to buy outdoor air coolers, then portable outdoor air coolers from desert-cooler help you to select the best coolers in affordable price. We have big range of golf driving, home garage workshop, garden assembly line, swimming pool, kitchen, laundry, practice field, stadium sidelines, tennis court, auto repair shop, factory, and warehouse or any number of locations where cooling is required.



To avoid purchasing a regretful solution, make certain that you learn more about misting fan or air coolers’ features and compare it to other competitive brands on the market. Clearly, it is wise to get products at the cheapest possible price tag. The fundamental step always is to get quality products which have genuine maintenance.

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